Tuesday, 30 April 2013

'True Form of Work'

Most of us believe in God and do our best to please him .Many do it in the form of various offerings like fruits, flowers, Candles and so forth. While doing so, we also ensure it’s the best quality and he is happy with what we give him .However when we delve into it, we know these things are given to us by him and in turn it goes back to him.  When we pray, the very breath is his gift. So what is it that we give, that is not given by him?  This very question was put forth to God.
God replied “I gave you every resource you needed .In (my) case, Food, Shelter, Clothing and so much more. How best you utilize these and how you do your duties in the best possible manner is the best offering you can give me “. This whole episode was narrated to us by our mentor in the midst of an office meeting. This came up when we were discussing quality controls with context to work/processes. The episode implied that we can give God nothing, but when we offer our work to God /higher self, the best comes out with ease and quality simply follows as it leaves it no choice. And this is all he expects and wants.
This very aspect, my mom drilled into me since my childhood and Of course I have had my share of experiences. Although it is consciously never practiced .When our mentor , quoted the very same thing , it just reinforced the thought and how true it must be ,if  he had to say that with confidence backed  by the immense experience he has had himself. When we perform our duties /work with no vested interest and dedicate it to the higher self, it just results into the best and one gets that absolute sense of fulfillment. More than fulfillment, it leads on to working with passion and absolute integrity……………………………..

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