Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fine He(Art)..!!!

Twelve years ago, I witnessed for the first time, a Nataraj pose and instantly fell in love with it. At that very moment I decided to learn Bharatnayam and pursue it diligently. And today on this Vijaydashmi day, I feel nostalgic as that was the day I entered into the ambit of this stunning fine art.
Every year on this very day, it is customary for all disciples of this art to offer their new learning to the Lord .And as I look back, I feel happy to part of this festivity every year. It has been special to me, as I strongly believe it takes me to the very roots of our Indian culture. Pursuing this art makes me feel truly ‘Indian’.
What makes me appreciate the art even more is how traditionally it is conducted. By traditional I imply ‘wearing our sarees adorned with temple jewellary, the flowers and the ghoongroos. This being followed by ‘puja ‘to the Lord Nataraj’ and taking the blessings of our gurus seeking success with art in the times to come. This is something I say is ‘unique’ to our country and I feel proud to a part of this culture.
Speaking of culture, our country has no dearth of fine art dance forms. However Bharatnatyam allured me the most. It is a mix of nritta, nritya and natyam, a combination of scintillating footwork, mudras and expressions. It is a complete package of beauty and elegance, of course if adorned with grace. This art comprises of various items which is compiled into a Margam. Having said all of that, it is a life long learning experience with endless compositions by stalwarts.
The reason I chose to write this, was I wished to share with you the ethereal experience and facets that are attached to learning our very own art forms. These art forms as we know are purely based out of Ancient India and Hindu mythology. To me they are divine, and the best way to connect to the Almighty .Keeping the art alive is perhaps one of the best gifts we can give to the generations to come. It’s an art we should nurture before it withers away to become ‘History’.

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