Friday, 20 July 2012

Markets ,Success and You.

I am a part of the financial markets; at least that’s what I console myself with. And I love it. Not just because it’s glamorous or an opportunity to earn a quick buck, but cause it’s the best teacher. There are days when I’m thrilled and top of this world and there are days I feel like I rather not live. I sway than the worst times in the volatile markets. Markets get affected by every sentiment and emotion and so do I. But the point remains is that worth it. Does any one prefer a volatile market .Not really? (Maybe the derivative guys but mostly not) .So do I want to be that volatile market. Obviously not.
As an investor it is the fundamentally good stocks that people look at .It is the stock that has sustained for years .The main reason being its consistent and sound. It’s a disciplined entity. Its important that you become that stock .That stock which people have cherished over years and made ample money for others. How does that happen? .Its the faculty called ‘mind’ that needs to be trained. It has to be nourished with the right goals with strict discipline. It is something that you need excessive control over.
Letting it trail and dominate can lead you to that downtrend. I have learnt couple of things the hard way and I still will continue to. It is that dedicated ‘focus ‘with absolute ‘planning acumen’ that will give you that boost. The markets highlight the very same thing. The one’s who are disciplined with their timing and have the focus of their targets, are the ones who manage to make some money. (As they say nothing comes free).
Another thing that I was thrown light upon recently was the concept of ’technical analysis’. I do feel lucky that I’m learning from the best guru of ‘technical’s who’s none other than ‘Dr. C.k Narayan .And I’m the happiest cause I get to interact with him daily .The funda of this concept says ‘price is everything’ . It intrigued me highly but slowly and steadily it made a lot of sense. (Read about it if you can). However I correlate this price to a’ character ‘. The price is the character of the stock. It gives you a gist of the stock. Likewise for a person the ‘character’ is most important as it forms the yardstick for the future .Its a gamut of lot of actions .A good character in the long run is likely to gain .That’s nature.
So at this stage, I look at it this way. Can I at the end of my life ‘write a book ‘on something similar to ‘efficient market hypothesis. Life will be like the markets with its ups and down, but you have to be the stock that’s resilient. Life is not perfection; it has to be converted into one. When circumstances are not in your favor, you have to be that ‘Negative beta’ stock which still sways the other way round.
Success is a relative term but it will only be the asset of the few who possess the above.
(Written to motivate you and me.)

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