Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cafe by the beach

Man v/s Food…Well yes this story never ends. Most of us like exploring into this specific segment.
 Catching up on new restaurants and experimenting with cuisines..Well anything to pamper our pallets.
I too did the same for the last couple of years..Felt like catching up on the number of years that I missed out on. For someone as cynical as me, most restaurants seemed like the usual.
Today we chose to head to this place called ‘Café by the beach. Beaches are not typically my thing. But somehow got a very different vibe from this place. It was Sprawled over a large area and floored with sand all over. Overlooking the beach as it is, some sort of equanimity prevails. The ambience is the USP which is perfectly lit with these small caged lamps. They were hanging all over the place and it did captivate me. As it finally poured the weather seemed in tandem to the place.
Well what we ordered? Parpadelle pasta in saffron chili sauce, nachos and couple of mocktails. Like the look of the place, the presentation of the food matched it impeccably. I chose to highlight the presentation because that’s where it stopped. The taste was mediocre. Looked perfect but perhaps not something you would relish. The mocktails perhaps were a tad better than the food.
Somehow the food is something that most people who come here may not complain about…The ambience covers for it beautifully. For all those who look forward to a romantic outing this place may surpass their expectations. To top it there are these beautiful looking cottages with couches in there. People wanting more privacy may head there too* wink wink *.
Perfect place to end a stressful day and unwind. Certainly one of the places I liked most. I rate it a 3/5.
Suggest you go there and let me know..!

 P.S : Location ; Choupatty.

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